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…the older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious.

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Three simple rules in life. 1. If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it. 2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. 3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.
Be careful who you vent to.
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  • Men: Not ALL men.
  • Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.
I would like to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world
Twice, to see the way you see the world

Read it again:  EVERY.  SINGLE.  REPUBLICAN.  Yes, that includes women. 
If you’re not living in the moment, where are you?

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Some people would rather live in a hell they’ve got used to than in a paradise they’ve never experienced before.

Urania Sarri, Gate Deadlock.

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Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.
I can be someone’s and still be my own.
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